Jiaqi cosmetics was established in 1995 under L.C.Choi, who was working in cosmetics trading from early 1980s and owned the first cosmetics factory in 1988. From the company’s establishment of a experienced person in a cosmetics field to produce cosmetics and build up its own brands, Jiaqi has been at the forefront of driving the cosmetic industry in China forward, through providing its customers with groundbreaking products and services. It has been highly regarded for its contribution to the cosmetics industry over the years.

Jiaqi’s long and rich history is underscored by its taking on of both tangible and intangible assets from each stage of its rich history, and its continuing position at the forefront of any developments in reserch and development and breakthroughts in manufacturing technology. The company remains one of leading OEM cosmetic manufacturers, developing and priducing cosmetics with high added value and high quality. More recently, in order to meet the needs of an increasingly diversified soviety, the company has also sough to inprove its marketing and planning skills as we aim to become a comprehensive consulting company that can provide our customers with the 360° support that they require for their operations in the cosmetic industry.

Jiaqi is a truly top-notch and outstanding at the forefront of design, development and manufacture of cosmetics, toiletries, skincare and fragrance industries. It provides stardard and customised compacts, lipsticks, mascaras, lipgloss and eyeshadow containers, skincare jars, tubes and bottles, fragrance closures and other cosmetics items with materials. Please enter Jiaqi cosmetics world and discover how is leading edge cosmetics manufactourer can provide you with creative and innovative solutions to your requirements.

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